Can any charger used for any devices?

Each device is unique in their manufacturing they get different in not only the appearance also in their internal functions and features. When you buy any of the technical devices from the market it comes with the charger that is to protect them from getting damaged through using other device chargers.

You can see the question can I use any charger with any device, the answer to this question is no. To know why you should not use any charger with any device read the below content.

Types of chargers

Do you think all the chargers are the same, the answer is of course not, and every charger is getting varied from one another according to the device setup. General charger types are laptop charger, micro USB charger, and USB type-c charger. Here already you know which charger suits which devices, now you have to know furthermore about the chargers to understand the reason behind why you should not use any charger with any device.


Watts, volts, and amps

The compatibility of the charger matters but to understand about them you have to get to know the amp, watts and volts flow in the charger. It gets varies based on the device, for example, mobile phones require a small charger and the tablets require a big charger. If sometimes you have plugged in your device to any charger need not worry about it, but it is always better to prefer the device charger.

How charger works

You also have to know how the charger works, usually, people think 5V\1A charger is fairly slow. But today modern chargers are fast enough to charge your phones.

Final words

Before using the same charger for multiple devices you have to know whether it affects your phone or not, which helps you in safeguarding your phone from getting damaged. This article can help you in knowing about it.