How can you fix the USB charger at home?

When you are using something for a long time that will not be able to help you after their life at some point in time they would get repaired. In that case, the most frequent thing to get repair is the USB Chargers.

These charges will be more flexible as well as when you make use of them every day this will slowly start to tear the edges of the wire and you can see the interior wires from the outside. Still in some of the cases when you make them get charged you can get a little shock. It is possible for you to fix USB charger at home to know about them continue reading this article.


The first and foremost thing that you will need to fix your damaged USB is the protector. This will first make the damaged area to get covered. The appearance of this protector will be as like a telephone wire in a spiral shape.

Fixing glue

After you have covered the damaged area, you now need to take a hot glue along with the paper now the glue has to be applied over the wire and then over that you just need to coat the paper over the glue.



After all these above steps are done now you have to let the cable drive for some time and later you can just fix her toy over it to make the cable look more attractive.

These are some of the ideas on how you can repair USB charging cable and how you can make them from home itself.

Bottom line

In this way, you can fix your damaged USB cable and reuse them without having any sort of disadvantages and also in addition to that this will work for a long period by providing you with the best support.